B is For Blog

on Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Before embarking on this assignment I came across the quote "Blogging: Now you can show the whole world why no one listens to you" and although some of the blogs I found epitomized this statement, I was successful in finding a number of great blogs which presented an array of scientific topics in a fun and very appealing manner. I have some experience with blogging from previous courses at Ashland University however, I still have much to learn (this explains why two "Rachel Days" are following the Bio-Diversity Blog and something I promise to fix soon).
At first, I did not like any of the blogs I came across. They were either too unaesthetically pleasing, did not have enough text and too many pictures or, were just plain boring. I finally found the blog A Snail's Eye View published by a fellow from Queensland, Australia who discussed an array of natural history topics. All of the information was new to me and accompanied with a variety of photographs. I found this to be a perfect balance between text and visual aids.
My second favorite blog was Arthropoda and as the title implies, the author (a graduate student studying mantis shrimp) posts various blogs regarding organisms which fall into this phylum. The photography was excellent and the style of writing was clear and concise. Although this blog had much attention directed towards his research; I liked how the posts would vary and provide new information for readers. Overall I found the most important aspect of any blog to be the title. For me, if it isn't interesting or witty I won't check it out. Although I may be missing out on some great blogs, I assume this is a common decision among bloggers.


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