In the nich of time

on Tuesday, January 25, 2011

As a big fan of microbiology, chronobiology, and fungi my two favorite blogs are Twisted Bacteria and MicrobiologyBytes. The things i like most about the Twisted bacteria blog is the creative pictures and videos. This blog is more entertaining but it is effective in sparking interest to click other links to science articles. I do chronobiology research on Aspergillus, so i found it really cool to see a time lapse video of Aspergillus fumigatus and other molds on the Twisted bateria blog. I liked the article content on MicrobiologyBytes, because i enjoy reading about viruses and immunology; this blog also looks at interesting environmental bacteria such as nitrogen fixing cyanobacteria. I usually try to read current articles regarding the CDC and public health related issues, which is the main reason why i like this blog.

Another blog that i found quite enjoyable was Small Things Considered, as you can probably guess it's more about microorganisms. This blog explores many interesting bacteria such as Haloferax volcanii found in thermophilic environments and cyanobacteria found in ancient mud scrolls.

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