blogging...easy as pie

on Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I have to admit, the term blogging was pretty much foreign to me until a couple of weeks ago. I wasn't sure how to find blogs or even how to post on blogs. To my surprise it is actually a pretty easy thing to do. You can find blogs almost anywhere you surf on the internet, and the blogs that you look at often lead you to more is quite fascinating!

Anyways, through my quest to educate myself on blogging I came across two particular blogs that caught my eye. The first blog that I found interesting was titled Southern Fried Science. This blog is written by three different graduate students, Andrew, David, and Amy. I actually was first attracted to this blog because of its unique name. As I was browsing the blog I realized there were quite a few aspects of this blog that I felt were interesting and "attention grabbing". First of all, this blog has a lot of pictures and even some movies. I find that pictures and movies add that extra touch to a blog because often times I find an abundance of text overwhelming. Quite frankly, if there is something to grab my attention such as a picture or movie, I am more likely to read it. The pictures also all correspond to each blog post (which I find somewhat important), and the text in each blog post is just the right amount, not too little, nor too overwhelming. I highly suggest checking this blog out...if you do you can learn about shark attack policies in the most current blog post (It isn't something you necessarily need to know, but I found it neat...and who knows one day you might be on Jeopardy and this information may be useful!)

The second blog that I found interesting and really liked was the blog titled Plague-erism. I am in love with this title, I find it very creative, and it is a very suiting name for this disease and health blog. There are multiple aspects about this blog that I think make it a great blog. The first aspect that I like is that the authors make sure to tell you exactly what their blog is about. Some of the blogs I have read, I spend a lot of time trying to figure out exactly what the theme is, or even if they have a theme. In my opinion knowing the theme of the blog makes it easy to determine if it something I want to spend time reading. The second aspect that I like about this blog is the authors have found a creative way to present the information at hand, and trust me, this makes it way more enjoyable to read. The content of this blog is also great. Overall, the authors on this blog have done a great job, at least in my opinion, but I have to admit I am a sucker for disease and health information!


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