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on Monday, January 24, 2011

I discovered the world of science blogging early last year, and have since been pleasantly surprised with my wanderings. At first finding blogs to follow was hard to do because there are a lot of blogs out there that start off seeming like real science, but end up being a virtual diary of the writer. Two of my absolute favorite blogs happily stay away from too much personal information, and focus on two radically different branches of science.

The first would be, “Not Exactly Rocket Science" written by Ed Yong. I like this blog because he focuses on different scientific publications that he comes across, be it anything from the life sciences to space, and he explains them in an informative, yet amusing way. He takes a great deal of time explaining the research that he is commenting on, but he also always has some sort of stunning picture to go along with his blog. I like this blog mainly because every day it has a new subject matter, and almost always is something I never would have come across on my own. He has a very casual writing style which makes it a perfect blog to follow to learn something quickly without having to do your own research project on the side to understand the concept.

The second blog that I have come to love reading would be, “Dinochick Blogs” written by Rebecca Hunt-Foster. I have always had a deep love of paleontology and everything that goes with it; I guess you could say I am a die hard Jurassic Park fan, and can’t quit the habit. This blog is a really great source of information on new findings and correlations that have been happening recently. I have to admit however, that this blog gets very silly in some posts, but I can easily over look this drawback though because this blog always delivers . While not every posting is strictly educational, it is a source of dino humor as well as a treasure trove of real science.

ps. the picture in this posting actually came from a recent post by Dinochick Blogs.... " Nerdasaurus-Rex"


Mason Posner said...

Don't forget to add a hyperlink to anything online that you mention, like these two blogs. And if you link to a specific blog post in someone else's blog, they will know and might check out your blog.

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